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Wild Cards Universe
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A community for the discussion of George R.R. Martin and co.'s Wild Cards series.

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, here's a brief overview in the words of fivirlutro:

In 1946, an alien virus was released over New York City. While some may debate whether this was in spite of or because of the efforts of WWII flying ace Jetboy, the result was the same. The virus infected thousands of people and the world would never be the same.

The virus was not so much a disease as a tool. It was created by an alien race, known as the Takisians. It was designed to analyze a person's genetic code and redesign it, granting new and unusual powers. Since the Takisian nobility is psionic, this was hoped to create more powerful telepaths, but other useful powers were also possible.

Unfortunately, there were side effects. In 90% of cases, the victim changed in ways that prevented them from living. Once the "Wild Card" metaphor became inserted in the mass consciousness, this became known as "drawing the black queen."

9% of those infected developed useless mutations or debilities. These people are known as "jokers."

1% of victims actually achieved the design goal. They changed in useful ways, developing unusual powers. These are the "aces."

With such a shaky proposition as that, there was no way the Takisians were going to test it on themselves. So they chose a race that was nearly identical to themselves to perform their tests. Us.

The world of Wild Cards, if I had to make a comparison, is like X-Men without all the fancy costumes. Seriously, if you woke up one morning with superpowers, would you necessarily put on your longjohns and save the world? Probably not.

The Wild Cards Universe is moderated by qitelremel and fivirlutro.  Adult topics are appropriate, within reason; after all, it wouldn't be fair to prevent you from discussing the subject of Fortunato.  Trolls (unless you're Howard Mueller) and flaming (unless you're J.J. Flash) stringently discouraged.  No spammers allowed!