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(no subject) [Jun. 3rd, 2005|08:09 am]
Wild Cards Universe

Armed with the info from the crime scene, the party began their true investigation.

Chris took a group to meet Dr. Kane (The mad scientist who built Jehuty from last years' game) to question him about robotics. The only other well known ace roboticist is Dr. Maxim Travnicek. (Readers of the novels know what happened to him, but I don't know how much of that has leaked to public knowledge). J-pop took some time to question Dr. Kane on robotic principles. (Since ace gadgeteers don't really use real science, they'll probably never be able to really understand each other).

Lucifer went to FBI headquarters with Agent Carlisle to search through the NCIC (National Crime Information Computer) using the leads from Dragonfly's descriptions and the crime scene itself.

Since the search only involved crimes and criminals, the results were rather interesting.

One of the jokers that Dragonfly described was a furry grasshopper. (If the bowling ball wasn't clue enough, the true believers should know what's going on by now.) The NCIC search came up with a number of insectoid joker criminals and an odd case of corpse kidnapping back in late 1985. Neither the corpse nor the criminal were ever found afterwards.

Another one was like a medusa with no eyes. The search revealed that medusa jokers are among the more common mutations, but most of them get some kind of "turn to stone" power based on the eyes. This creature did not have her eyes removed, but was simply not born with them.

A search for people with technicolor blood revealed a small time hood called The Bleeder operating out of Cleveland. He would rob liqour stores by threatening to bleed on the proprieter. Which was freaky, because every time he bled, it was a different color.

Searching for a teleporter turned up a number of unsolved robberies in the 1970's that investigators concluded must have been done by a teleporter. Of course, the person was never caught.

I think that's everything from session 2. Soon, session 3 will be up.
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(no subject) [Jun. 2nd, 2005|10:07 pm]
Wild Cards Universe

Game log

Session 2

I’m sorry if my last log wasn’t very clear. My access has been spotty, so I didn’t have much time to explain everything.

The characters this year are:

Victoria Sesser (No ace name): Same character from last year. Telepathy and telekinesis. Still works in a detective agency.

Dick Scott Wood (Lumberjack): Superstrong, super hairy and super gay. Say his real name 3 times fast and see how much of a joke the character is. I’m interested in seeing how far the player is willing to take this joke, especially with the gritty tone of the game.

Chris Allen (No ace name): An anarchist punk rocker with telekinesis powers.

Lucian (Lucifer): Rich snob with lots of zappy-zappy powers. Also transforms slightly into a devil when he uses them. The player is a powergamer, but also roleplays fairly well.

Khulan (Hawkeye): Sharpshooter with super vision abilities. Not a very interesting character. I think she names all of her characters Khulan, no matter how little sense it makes. On Wild Cards Earth, her parent are either asian or major hippies. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have enough concept behind the character to know for sure.

Unknown (J-pop): Cybernetic ace who rebuilt himself in honor of MegaMan (yes, the videogame character). Pure powergamer, but I do give him credit for having a theme.

Jay: I don’t know if that’s his real name or part of an ace name, but he’s a major groupie. He just hangs around anything that’s even remotely cool. He is super fast and can stun people just by talking to them. Most people don’t know about that though. They just know that he hangs on to people and so they have dubbed him Annoying Boy. We’ll see where this character goes.

One other player who hasn’t made much of an impression yet. All I know is that the character has a big gun and a kid. I don’t even know if it’s his kid. Oh, and apparently his parents thought it was a good idea to name him Twix.

In the first session, all of the characters were attending a concert given as a benefit for the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation so that they could buy a degrading building, renovate it and rent it out at very reasonable rates to people in need (The TNDC is real and that’s what they do). Chris was a member of a band performing for the benefit. Victoria was part of the security contingent. Lucian was one of the major donors. Everyone else was just attending.

Then the Specials attacked. I borrowed the characters from a very funny superhero movie called “The Specials.” The closest thing to it that people have heard about would be “Mystery Men,” but most of the humor of the Specials revolves around the fact that they are very dysfunctional people, whether they have superpowers or not.

In my scenario, the Specials are an ace gang who try and stir up trouble. They are:

Strobe: the leader of the Specials. He also has a wicked laser blast.

The Weevil: Equipped with super strength, super agility and super senses, he also has a potent charisma.

Ms Indestructible: Her skin is indestructible, but her eyes are vulnerable. She’s also involved with Strobe and Weevil.

Power Chick: able to absorb properties from any material she touches, she is also a lesbian.

GI Bill: Super strong and super dumb.

Amok: Able to project antimatter blasts from his hands. Also has blue skin.

Minute Man: Has shrinking powers. In the movie, his super name kept getting
mispronounced, a trend that continued as the fight progressed.

I tried to build all of the Specials using the same restrictions I gave to the PCs. (If there is interest, I will go into detail on the GURPS rules and my limitations) Unfortunately, I did not build them to obliterate the opposition. The PCs, however, were. A couple of the Specials became victims of mega-attacks from Lucifer and J-pop. Victoria used a technique she favored last year: putting the enemy to sleep. The changes in the rules for GURPS 4th edition made this much easier and I think she appreciated that.

Needless to say, by the time the smoke cleared, a number of the Specials were smoking piles of ash, a couple were asleep, and all were soundly defeated. Since this is a modern setting, purveyors of that kind of brutality are promptly arrested and put away for the good of society.

However, someone thought these micreants could be put to use to help society. That someone was Federal Agent Helene Carlisle. (Bonus XPs if you know who she is.)

You see, while the Specials were having their innards exposed to all and sundry, someone kidnapped Golden Boy, one of the most powerful and famous aces on the planet. And whoever did it was probably also behind the kidnapping of Carnifex and a wide variety of aces all over the world. So Agent Carlisle has to find some unusual sources of help, namely the first batch of aces she can get her hands on. The PCs.

Chris took a bit of convincing, though. He is a radical anarchist, but oddly enough the least violent of the group. Since any charges against him would be fairly minor, he could fight them on his own fairly easily. And since he would love nothing more than to stick it to those rich fat cats, he wasn't much for helping out Golden Boy. Ultimately, Agent Carlisle had to emphasize the authority within the system and the access to that her "deputies" would have.

That's where the first session ended.

Second session

Now we begin the investigation.

Golden Boy's SF home (He's an investor in the TNDC and sometimes likes to be close to his money) is in Nob Hill, among the wondrous twisting streets that are one of SF's trademarks. From the front yard, nothing seems amiss. In the back yard, however, there is a hole in the wall of the house and a skidmark in the grass of roughly human proportions.

Going into the hole leads to the bedroom which is utterly smashed. Interesting fluids that probably aren't paint decorate the walls.

Luckily, there was a witness. A Ms. Ione McKiernan. (We saw her last year as the lovely Dragonfly) She was spending the night with Golden Boy when he was kidnapped. She described a number of bizzare jokers who appeared and tried to take Golden Boy. A large metallic looking guy finally succeeded in grabbing him and then they all disappeared.

Victoria and J-pop, using their ace senses, identify something odd. Imbedded in the wall of Golden Boy's bedroom is a black sphere the size of a bowling ball. It seems to weigh only about 4 lbs and it's surface is black not by color, but by lack of color.

More detail is coming in the next session report.
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Brand New Wild Cards Game [May. 16th, 2005|12:24 pm]
Wild Cards Universe

This year, we open at a club (Not the One-Winged Angel. It appears that Angelo's player will not be joining us this year) giving a benefit for the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation. They buy run-down buildings and renovate them and rent them out cheap to people who need it. (These guys really exist. www.tndc.com)

Everything is going fine until a young gang of aces calling themselves "The Specials" arrive. (If you haven't seen the movie "The Specials", it is very funny. I based the gang on characters from that movie)

Victoria (she was one of the characters from last year) got in the first KO, putting the leader of the gang, Strobe, to sleep.

The second in command of the gang, Weevil, took over and the onslaught continued. GI Bill of the Specials faced off against our hero Lumberjack (Superstrong, burly, and gay). Weevil went for Lucifer, the ace who was hosting the event. Lucifer took a good bit of damage from Weevil before managing to incinerate him.

J-pop, a cyborg built in emulation of MegaMan (Don't ask me why) incinerated Power Chick, even though she was morphed into metal at the time. Melted her, is more accurate actually.

Amok faced off with Chris (no ace name at this time), bouncing antimatter off of Chris's telekinetic shield. A few punches were all it took to take him down.

Ms Indestructible was not as indestructible as I would have liked, going down in one blast of J-pop's Flame sword.

Of course, with all the zapping and melting going on, by the time the police show up, everybody gets arrested. Assault with a deadly weapon being the least of their problems. Manslaughter with ace powers is what it looks like in a couple of cases. At least until Federal Agent Helene Carlyle shows up.

More later.
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Update! [May. 6th, 2005|10:17 pm]
Wild Cards Universe

The Wild Cards Gaming Group convenes again this summer.  Once again, fivirlutro will be refing; I'm co-GM-ing this time.

I'll say this much:  The Network is coming!

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Grand Finale Report! [Aug. 25th, 2004|11:39 pm]
Wild Cards Universe

Last time, Longarm and Angelo got the Killer Geeks to take over the One Winged Angel (Angelo's bar). That night, they find out the aftermath of the fight at the dojo made the 10 O'Clock News (SF late news is at 10 rather than 11). I made a point of mentioning that the news story included a mention of the ace of spades and theories regarding an "Ace of Spades Killer copycat." Also on the news was a report about a missing person, a Kevin Olsen, and a photo was shown.

The next morning, they are payed a visit by this young man and a small entourage. Oddly enough, he speaks with an asian accent, definitely out of place on a tall blond young man. He demands to see Spade.

Angelo ducks behind the bar and rushes into his basement, where he keep an amazing degree of stuff. One of these is a rhinestone studded ninja gi with a diamond pattern on the front. He puts on the costume and a Russian accent to become White Diamond.

Kien is still demanding to see Spade. When asked why, he replies, "The Mafia couldn't stop me. The Yeoman couldn't stop me. It seems that even death cannot stop me. I am certainly not going to let a simple fool like him stop me." (As I think about it, I'm not sure Kien even knew him as Yeoman, but I'm pretty sure they were not on a first name basis)

At this point, Kien sics his entourage on the group. Just for kicks, I based this team on the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Not that I told the players that until afterwards.

Toad was the first to die. While executing a leaping attack, White Diamond positioned himself so Toad landed on his sword. Impaling damage is a bitch in GURPS, so that was pretty much the end of him.

Mystique did fairly well. She didn't shapeshift, but she was pretty effective with a pair of heavy duty pistols. She nearly took out the new teleporting guy, but he kept succeeding at his consciousness checks.

Magneto went down pretty easily. Although a master of magnetism, he was physically weak and was nailed easily before his power became fully active.

Blob failed to score any major hits. Nastryth brought him down with a couple of flamepunches. Blob's protection was against crushing damage (bullets and the like) not flame, so he fell like a ton of bricks to that kind of assault.

Sabertooth was the toughie. He had regeneration plus unnatural toughness. He took loads of damage before he even thought about going down, but it finally happened.

Although this team was based on the Brotherhood, I tweaked them to make them useful opponents to my PCs. So these guys were not as super as the actual comic characters. I didn't count points or anything, just assigned abilities with challenging numbers.

I declared Kien/Kevin to be in god mode and not to be attacked in the fight. I saved that one for our telepath to engage him in psychic combat. Her player was not present, so I had to NPC her. Describing a psychic duel to those outside of it was a challenge, but I hope I managed.

The duel destroyed Kien's psyche, leaving Kevin alone in his head for the first time in a long while.

When the police showed up, Kevin turned himself in. He claimed responsibility for the whole Shadow Fist/ Killer Geeks business. He parleyed his knowledge of the organization into a reduced sentence.
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Next to the last session report [Aug. 18th, 2004|12:49 am]
Wild Cards Universe

All good things must come to an end. Next session will be the final session and it will go out with a bang. Hopefully, enough of the characters will survive to come back next year for the next game.

When we last left our heroic aces, we were in the middle of a cliffhanger. A precognitive stoolie was waiting for them at Charley's Pool Hall. He says, "Charlie, Kien will not be pleased when he hears about Master Li."

Charlie then defends his actions by claiming that the money was fake. That is, after all, what Spade told him. But then that puts Spade in the hot seat. Charlie pulls out a pistol and points it at Spade. As much as he likes Spade, Spade did cross him, and he can't have that. As he's sorting the inner turmoil, the stoolie, who was named Roscoe, is hovering over his shoulder, telling him that if he wants to play with the big boys, like Kien Phuc and his Shadow Fists Society, he'd better kill Spade. (I was hoping the characters would pick up on the clue, but they didn't)

Instead, they were able to subtly arrange for the suitcase from the rapture exchange to be filled with counterfiet money (Angelo does business with the underworld, so it's probably something he has on hand. Plus, it was an entertaining and novel way to resolve the situation). With good arrangement and a little help from Dragonfly, it took about 20 minutes. Probably too long for Angelo under his spade mask.

After a bit of character byplay, they decided to let the Killer Geeks take over the One Winged Angel. That way, everyone in the Killer Geeks was in one spot for easy capture. Dragonfly, B-Movie starlet that she is, was very quickly topless. Since Dragonfly is played by Qit, my girlfriend, it was quite a bit of fun playing with that. But only Dragonfly was topless, not Qit, so it was all just a lot of suggestive talk in front of everyone.

I'm sorry if I leave out details that some people think are important. I actually put in these logs several days after the game events. Feel free to add or amend if I leave something out.
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(no subject) [Aug. 9th, 2004|01:47 pm]
Wild Cards Universe

[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

Much interesting going on this session. The fight scene between Angelo and the master martial artist went very well.

Angelo took an immediate leap to the rafters. The master followed up with a flying handspring back kick to Angelo's groin. A cheap shot, I know, but effective. The wonderful thing is, it worked. Not in the groin clutching, screaming like a girl kind of way. It actually did 1 point of damage to Angelo.

Don't think I'm a cruel GM. I'm not out to kill PCs. I've never killed a PC yet. I just like the PCs to feel like they're in danger. I'm a pretty open GM, so I let people purchase what they can afford with their xps and such. That means that my players stock up on defense and have indestructible PCs. Thankfully, GURPS Supers lets me tweak things to just the point where they get scared.

After quite a bit of faster than actually possible acrobatics (both characters were using Chambara rules for extra actions) Angelo wrapped a garrote wire around the master's neck and let him fall from the rafters, bleeding from the neck. He was at least decent enough to arrange for an ambulance soon enough.

Nastryth then tried to burn the dojo down. It took a bit, but his fire powers wound up doing the trick.

Now Longarm decided to have a bit of fun. Stowing the briefcase full of money in his shopping cart (all bums have shopping carts) he whips out his shotgun, activates his armor power and announces himself as the "Budweiser Avenger" (He was still dressed in his bum garb, which he doused with beer for improved effect). The visual effect of the armor is similar to Spawn, so it conceals his identity. It also manifests next to his skin, under his clothes.

He gets in the getaway car with Charlie, Angelo, Nastryth, and the driver (a heretofore undescribed joker from the Killer Geeks). After a bit of shapeshifting in the car, including a bit in his Armitage form (yes, the anime character) and as a Gorn from Star Trek, he finally got Charlie to let him in out of frustration. But Charlie is keeping an eye on him.

When they finally returned to Charley's Pool Hall (The difference in spelling is intentional. Charlie runs the Killer Geeks, not a legitimate business) they find the place empty, except for one guy sitting at the table nearest the door.

He says, "Charlie, Kien is not going to be pleased when he hears about this."

Perfect cliffhanger, eh?

And yes, I did find a way to bring Kien back.

On a side note, I will be bringing the game to a close fairly soon. I have a habit of trying out new systems and such, and this was one of them. But I've had a lot of fun with this, so I have promised my group that we will be returning to this setting at a future date. Not to worry, we'll definitely get closure on this whole affair. As I said, I'm not a cruel GM.
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Latest Session Report (Yes, I finally stopped counting) [Aug. 3rd, 2004|11:13 pm]
Wild Cards Universe

I was suprised that they managed to avoid a rematch with the Killer Geeks joker-ace muscle. "Spade" threw Longarm out the door (Longarm used his flight powers to make it look good). Ray was itching for it. I hoped that would provoke Longarm, since Ray lasered him in the initial encounter. No luck.

Fast forward to the next morning when "Spade" and Nastryth go out on their drug delivery. It turns out that the Killer Geeks were not trafficking rapture under the triad's radar. They were selling it to the triads for distribution.

They made the dropoff at a dojo. The sensei was there to recieve the shipment, paying for it with a briefcase full of money. "Spade" checks out the money and declares it fake, just to mess things up. He then incapacitates one of the sensei's lackeys with his vibrosword. (He wired it so that it doesn't kill, it just knocks you on your ass.) The sensei goes for a super flying kick from across the room which lands squarely in "Spade's" chest, knocking him over. No damage, though, since he thought to wear a bullet proof vest.

Longarm was nearby disguised as a bum. When the money was declared fake, it was kicked right next to the window he was watching from. He now has a briefcase with about $10,000 in it. It's going to be interesting to see where it goes next.
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Session #6 [Jul. 25th, 2004|10:47 pm]
Wild Cards Universe

This session started out with our psychic in Chinatown trying to drop a tip to the triads that the Killer Geeks were planning on running some drugs through their turf. Her name is Victoria, no ace name. She used her telepathic abilities to convince one of the rookie members of the gang that she was one of the gang elders. He fell for it hook, line and sinker.

While Angelo was hanging out with the Killer Geeks at Charley's Pool Hall (I don't know if I mentioned the name of the place) Meatwad and crew (the fighters from the first session) walk in, having been released on bail or something. Apparently, the Killer Geeks have a very good lawyer...

Angelo is wearing a spade mask to accomodate his "Spade" identity in the Killer Geeks, so none of them recognize him.

That's when Nastryth showed up to try and join the Killer Geeks. He was recognized by the gang soldiers, but given respect for beating Survivor, who is apparently still in the hospital, since he wasn't among those released. Also, when you find someone who can beat down the toughest guy you know and he wants to be your friend, it's usually a good idea to let him.

Unfortunately, Longarm didn't want to be left out of the action. He found his way to Charley's Pool Hall and entered, looking like Ash from the Evil Dead movies. It's a form he adopted during the fight scene. So he was recognized by Meatwad, but told him that some damn shapechanging ace is ruining his reputation or some such.

Pretty soon, everyone in the group was with the Killer Geeks except for Dragonfly and Nocturne (apparently, that's our illusionist's ace name). They were needed to keep the bar operating. Unfortunately, it wound up more like Dragonfly babysitting Nocturne (who is supposed to be of legal drinking age at least), even to the point of Dragonfly calling up a friend (a joker named Ugly Duckling; He has swan mutations, but is not very attractive) to obtain a teddy bear. A teddy bear!

And all the while, Charley's Pool Hall is a Kluster Phuck of attempted infiltrators. I smell another fight scene coming on. Thankfully I saved the character sheets from the last fight.
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Session #5 Report [Jul. 12th, 2004|01:10 am]
Wild Cards Universe

This is definitely one of my more interesting sessions. One of my less frequent players showed up. Her character is a lush who has illusion powers. Since she doesn't show up as often as our other main characters, I did not have anything planned for her to do. This was to be my undoing.

My first scene went rather well. I went with Angelo and had him make a drug pickup with his new friends in the Killer Geeks. Apparently the drug lab was in the Castro section of San Francisco. For those of you not in the know, that's the famed gay neighborhood of SF. One of the guys in the car with him even complains about their supplier being gay. Another mentions that he's actually seen the fellow with a girl at some point. (For those who know the series, that should be a clue)

The drug lab is over a gay bar called "Huevoes Rancheros" (That's what I get for coming up with a gay bar name off the top of my head) Upon arrival, they discover that the supplier is really old. Over 60, at least. He's definitely on something, being overly friendly and loquacious.

He invites the gangleader Charley to try some of a new drug he's been working on. At that point, he extrudes a small bone syringe from a fingertip. Charley tells him he'll wait till it gets bottled. (Clue!)

Charley then moves over to the shipment, which is in a small number of cardboard boxes. He opens one and pulls out a small plastic baggy full of a blue gel. (Rapture, if you couldn't tell) He does this with a pair of small arms that are growing out of his head. (That's his joker. I wasn't sure if it was mentioned previously) Satisfied, he puts it back and tells everyone to grab a box and load it up.

While I was lovingly going over this scene with Angelo, hell was brewing elsewhere in the room. Our Illusionist (I don't even remember her name) had challenged Nastryth to a drinking contest back at the One Winged Angel. Once he was good and drunk, she proceeded to humiliate him in all sorts of creative ways. (Not hard with illusion powers) Thankfully, Longarm shows up at this point, in a female appearance (I did mention that his power was shapechanging, right?) (S)he proceeds to play along with the game, but manages to get Nastryth out of it eventually. Dragonfly calls one of her joker friends (Boarface) to keep an eye on Nastryth and to definitely keep Illusionist away from her.

Now we pick up with Longarm, doing some more detective work. Since the Killer Geeks territory encompasses the Tenderloin and a bit into Chinatown, Longarm gets this idea to bring the tongs and triads of Chinatown down onto the Killer Geeks.

He enters Chinatown in his female form looking for some likely looking guys to pass on a fake tip to. He finds three of them, but their leader is not too interested in talking, especially when a pretty girl is involved. (For the record, we decided that the female form may be anatomically correct, but not "Fully functional") First he activates his body armor and then tries to take off when that doesn't dissuade them. He can fly too. However, the two thugs catch him. The weight of the two thugs keeps him from going anywhere. So he tries a few interesting lateral maneuvers to shake them off. It works, throwing the thugs into their leader.

That's where we ended the session.

Bonus points of you can figure out who the supplier is.
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