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Here's how it ended. [Apr. 27th, 2006|08:25 pm]
Wild Cards Universe


After traipsing through New York for a bit, they find themselves in front of JetBoy's Tomb. All of a sudden, there's a noise, a whistling, as if something were flying in very fast. A streak of light appears in the sky, coming closer and closer until it finally crashes into the ground in front of Jet Boy's statue. When the smoke clears, there is a skeleton in the crater. As they watch, flesh begins to grow on the skeleton, until it becomes a complete, if nude, human being. Partway through this transformation, wet, gasping noises are heard to emerge from the thing. As he becomes more complete, this grows to be a constant string of curses.

Mistral recognizes him as Carnifex. As soon as she gets a good look at him, she starts laughing. When he asks her, she explains that now his face finally looked right. Although Carnifex has regeneration, it doesn't rebuild him perfectly whenever he's injured. But now that his power pretty much had nothing to work with, it replicated his body, and particularly his face, the way they should be.

It turns out that he had been adbucted by aliens and managed to escape by spacing himself and trusting his regeneration to let him survive re-entry. He was experimented on ruthlessly by having his liver removed every day and having it grow back every day. (Anyone remember their mythology?).

The short of it is: Victoria, the telepath, uses the mental image of the alien ship to teleport the party to the alien ship in orbit. She does make a pit stop in San Francisco, so that Mistral can put on the old fighting togs and fully accept the mantle of ace again.

Once aboard, they quickly set to freeing the captured aces. Then they discover some kind of lab, with Golden Boy drugged out of his gourd (how hard is that?) strapped to a table, and Dr. Tachyon strapped to a table perpendicular to the floor, watching the proceedings. Dr. Tachyon is pleading with thier apparent captor, a 7 foot tall robot.

As the scene plays out, they discover that the robot is Tachyon's grandson, Blaise. He had been taken by the Network and had his brain removed in book 10. He had earned his freedom and a new body by selling the wild card virus to the Network. (Tell me they wouldn't buy it.)

The dramatic "boss fight" I had been planning on was thwarted by one of the players not showing up. In the opening fight, Lucian had displayed an ability to do an amazing amount of damage with one of his powers. I built Blaise's robot body to withstand at least one of those blasts and turn it against him. Unfortunately, with Lucian not showing up, nobody else channeled energy, so about 1,000 points of Blaise's ability never even got used. And that's what made him dangerous. Without that, he hung on for a good number of rounds, but couldn't get powered up.

Just when it looked like all hope was lost, Blaise jumped into J-Pop. Remember, his brain is still somewhere in that cyborg body. And that's where the last session ended. Fairly unsatisfactory, I know.

This year's plan involves the return of the Swarm. Last I heard, Minh Mei was still in charge of the Swarm Mother. The way I see it, the Swarm Mother's goal was to consume the planet and use it's resources to reproduce itself. Minh Mei helped it find a safe place to do this (Everybody's got to live, right?), my guess is Saturn's moon Titan. Now she has all these baby Swarm Mothers to deal with, and since she can only pilot one, she's going to need help. Esecially if she wants to use them to seed the galaxy with new life to make up for all the sentient beings destroyed by the Swarm.