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Sorry it's been so long [Apr. 27th, 2006|08:17 pm]
Wild Cards Universe


This is the session 3 report from last year. For those of you who are confused by the jump in the narrative. It wound up posted to my LiveJournal, not the community.

Session 3
Not much happened this session.
Due to clues leading to Dr Tachyon and Dr Travnicek, the party decided to head to New York, a move that Agent Carlisle vetoed. It turns out that her father was an ace named Cyclone and he was killed about 15 years ago by joker terrorists trying to occupy Ellis Island and claim it as a joker homeland. Although she had previously enjoyed her career as high-flying ace Mistral, that loss forced her to reconsider her priorities. She settled into the backwaters of the Justice Department, largely forgotten. (Cyclone died in book 11, but I haven’t read beyond that. Mistral’s life may have taken a different turn due to events in
later books, but I thought it was a neat idea to have a kinda secret ace among the party. I was hoping it would come at a more dramatic moment, but players are unpredictable things.) She ultimately decided that 15 years was enough and let the plan proceed.
Chris ultimately decides that freedom isn't worth putting up with this bunch of freaks, and is taken away for the law to sort out. Thankfully, he wasn't one of the people going around obliterating people. He'll be out is a few weeks, tops. (This does means that Chris' player is backing out of the game, for largely the same reason as the character.)
Experimenting with the “bowling ball” reveals it to be an alien device for manipulating space/time. Among other things, it can teleport over long distances. That’s what it was being used for by the people who came to kidnap Golden Boy. After a few false starts (mostLy involving IHOP restaurants) and several hours (Lumberjack is psychologically addicted to pancakes and must have malpe syrup on a regular basis or he begins to waste away) the party arrives in an IHOP in Brooklyn, New York.