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Game Log [Jun. 29th, 2005|05:32 pm]
Wild Cards Universe


Session 4 Report

Due to a transportation issue, this was a very short session. Upon teleporting to the IHOP in Brooklyn, the party hails a cab to get to the Jokertown Clinic in Manhattan. It takes them a while to get a cab to go there, since things have gotten rather crazy since Troll, head of clinic security, disappeared; No cab wants to go there.

Finally, they find a cab who will do it for an extra fee. Thankfully, Lucian is a man of wealth, so he paid the extra without a second thought.

Shortly after arriving at the clinic, the waiting room was invaded by a small gang of young punks looking for some high grade narcotics. J-pop disabled the leader of the gang by encasing him in crystal (I am very grateful that J-pop decided to acquire a non-lethal attack). At this point, one of the other gang members went into shock and proceeded to wet himself. The puddle at his feet then began to be tinged with red. He had apparently run out of urine and had moved on to blood.

As this was happening, Annoying Boy was using his annoying powers (he actually has the ability to annoy people so much that they are stunned) on the female punk, who proceeded to point her gun at his head as soon as she stopped being stunned by his annoyingness. He then grabbed her and threw her to the floor right next to the growing puddle.

That's where the session ended.

As session 5 began, the players actually started to realize that something was seriously wrong with the last punk standing. He hadn't moved a muscle since he turned on the flow and it showed no sign of slowing. Lucian attempted to knock him out, but only succeeded in knocking him over. He fell like a tree, completely stiff.

Finally, a female doctor with short dark hair and an eyepatch intervened. She picked him up and yanked his pants down. Sure enough, he was excreting a steady stream of blood. Using a firm grip to close the valve, she shouted numerous orders to the medical staff and hoisted him onto a gurney when it arrived.

(One of the things I wanted to do here was impress upon the players that not everyone touched by the wild virus walks away with cool powers. Walking around a game world where everyone you meet has superpowers kinda loses interest quickly. Realizing that you survived and benefited from something that kills 90% of those who get it makes it much more interesting.)

Now they were freed to look for Dr Tachyon. Unfortunately, he had not turned up for work for quite some time. Agent Carlysle flashed her badge and got them access to Tachyon's office. It was decorated with fruit colors, right down to the tangerine iMac on his glass desk. A thorough search of the office produced various bottles of alcohol and a stack of letters from Blythe van Renssaeler.

That's where this session ended.